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We are dedicated to bringing you information on lots of topics that are mostly irrelevant of each other, "Just so you are more informed". To little kids we are a big helper, to adults we are just damned efficient, and to old people our text font size is really big and that is always a good thing. Listen to your elders.

Webmaster Resources:

Make Money Online, Search Optimization, Marketing

Affiliate Programs

- Lists the best of the best of the CPM and CPC banner campaigns, PopUp affiliate programs, and Paid to Search programs. All of these can be used by any webmaster for their websites. This provides insight in what marketing or affiliate programs to use to better enhance your profits and revenues. When it comes to make money online, FastClick is King.

Googe PageRank: PR Explained

- Discusses the math equations Google uses to figure out what PageRank to give any given web page. Also details the definitions and affects of Internal, Inbound, and Outbound links, Dead End or Dangling links, as well as other information about the Google Toolbar and how to effectively channel and displace PageRank values how you want to. Link Farms are evil.

How to Start a Website from scratch

- From start to finish, what you must buy such as web hosting and domain names, how to set up your website on your own server or how to set up your website and domain name with an online web hosting service, how easy it is, a few tips and tricks, and some recommended places that could also help get you started. Its easy.

Webmaster Tools:

Tutorials, FAQs, Reference Guides, and Charts

HTML Color Codes

- Provides several types of color code charts for quick and easy reference for what hexidecimal html color codes apply to what color code names, showing the basic 16 windows colors, 256 colors, how these compare to RGB vs Hex color codes, and more. I hope you like colors.

Job Tools:

Resumes, Cover Letters, List of Careers

List of Careers

- Includes career descriptions, ten hottest careers that are the fastest growing jobs, and gives a complete list of careers.

Free Resume Examples, Templates, Samples

- There are many resume examples, free resume templates, and resume tips and services which you might find helpful in writing your own resume or have someone write your resume for you.

Free Cover Letter Examples, Templates, Samples

- There are quite a few cover free cover letter templates, free cover letter samples, as well as tips and resources which you might find helpful in creating your own cover letters.

Other Resources:

Random Information...

Day of Defeat: Map Reviews, Chart, Screenshots

- Lists the most popular maps, especially the non-custom maps, with descriptions of which maps have flags, how many flags, my personal ratings of how fun the maps are, the usefulness of the various types of guns rated, and which maps have allies, axis, or british. Some maps just plain suck.

Random Numbers are NOT Random

- Explains how and why random numbers are pretty much near impossible to obtain. Just because you don't know what the next number of a random number sequence will be, doesn't actually mean its random: you just don't know what it is. Knowing how a series of random numbers are generated could help you determine what the next number will be in a random sequence Ignorance is no excuse.

Routing Numbers for USA Banks

- Shows a detailed chart of all United States banks with their respective Routing Numbers and other information worth listing but not worth mentioning. Just in case your bank's website refuses to tell you what their routing number is!...

Cooking Recipes:

Recipes I have modified and made even better!

Banana Cake/Bread

- Bananas, brown sugar, banana nut crunch cereal, banana artificial flavoring... Score: 8/10.

Brownie Banana Pudding Cream Pie

- Chocolate cookie dough, banana pudding, cool whip, chocolate chips... Score: 9/10.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

- Peanut butter, semi sweet chocolate chips, sugar, brown sugar, flour... Score: 10/10.

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